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Introducing our Mobile App Template for Homey WordPress Theme!

Are you looking for an easy-to-use, modern, and customizable mobile app to complement your Homey WordPress theme? Look no further! Our React Native-based mobile app template is ready to be deployed to Google Play and the App Store,



Homey Mobile App for Homey WordPress Theme:

Introducing Homey innovative mobile application, a game-changer in property management. Seamlessly designed, it simplifies every aspect of your experience. Guests can effortlessly explore listings, make bookings, and engage in smooth conversations with hosts. Hosts, on the other hand, revel in the convenience of streamlined reservation management and real-time communication with their guests.

With Homey mobile app, the world of property rental transforms into a realm of effortless interactions and efficient management. Whether you’re a guest seeking the perfect accommodation or a host aiming for seamless guest experiences, Homey intuitive design ensures a hassle-free journey. Embrace the future of property management with Homey mobile application and redefine your rental experience today.


  • Login:

Effortless guest login for quick access.

  • Registration: 

Simple and quick sign-up process.

  • Advance Search: 

Refine your search with advanced filters.

  • Property Listing: 

Explore a variety of listings.

  • Property Detail:

In-depth property information for informed decisions.

  • Booking: 

Securely book your desired property.

  • User Dashboard:

Manage reservations and bookings efficiently.

  • User Reservation: 

Access and track your reservations.

  • User Bookings:

Review your booking history.

  • User Profile:

Easily update and enhance your profile.

  • Chat with Host:

Direct communication with property hosts.


  • Login:

Easy access to the host account.

  • Registration:

Manage reservation requests seamlessly.

  • Can Approve Reservation:

Efficient reservation approval.

  • Can Cancel Reservation:

Simple cancellation process.

  • Wallets:

Track earnings and transactions securely.

  • Chat with Guest:

Real-time communication with guests.

  • Property Management:

Efficiently manage your properties.

  • Profile Management:

Customize your host profile.

Key Features:

1. User-Friendly: 

Easy navigation for a seamless experience.

2. Modern Design:

Visually appealing and intuitive layout.

3. Scalable & Customizable:

Tailor the platform to your needs.

4. Responsive:

Compatible across all devices.

5. Multiple Navigation Options:

Enhance user interaction.

6. Flexible Design:

Customize headers and listing pages.

7. Detailed Information:

Rich and informative property details.

homey mobile app for rental and accomodation

This base version of the homey mobile application template lays the foundation for a powerful and engaging mobile presence for your Homey WordPress theme. It’s perfect for showcasing your listings and offering a user-friendly experience to your audience.


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